Factory electric chain hoist/building material chain hoist/construction

Factory Building Electric Chain Hoist/ Construction Material Chain Hoist/ConstructionCompany Information Shandong Xingdou Intelligent Co., Ltd is a professionalmanufacturer and exporter of Rack and pinion construction hoist . 1. 10 years more manufacturing experience and 7 Years exporting experienc

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Factory Building Electric Chain Hoist/ Construction Material Chain Hoist/Construction

Company Information
Shandong Xingdou Intelligent Co., Ltd is a professionalmanufacturer and
 exporter of Rack and pinion construction hoist .
 1. 10 years more manufacturing experience and 7 Years exporting experiences
 2. Great technician Team with innovation and improvement alibilties
 3. Zero accident record and good feedback from enduser
 4. Best price offered with special discount to develop oversea market, high quality you can enjoy.
 5. Fast response with sales and after-sale service
 6. Welcome agent or distributor all over the world with most attractive profit and long last cooperation partnership.
We pay all our attention for the product design and manufacturing.
1. All Production Line adopt special fixture, mould, gauge made by us to ensure all detaile size.
2.Select high quality raw material from China Bao Steel Group, other like motors ,reducers, gearbox, safety 
device with low noise, electrics is schneider or Korea repute brand with reliable quality.
3.Special design,compact and reasonable structure,easy to installation and adjustment.
4.Each equipment should be test and make record in Factory, all details will be adjust like
 motor brake, safety device operation, all limit switch operation, dropping test, loading test, and mast section erection test to ensure the completed equipment run well when taken into use.
Product Description
 Our building elevator is also called outdoor construction elevator, which is driven by pinions & racks devices and with safe & comfortable cages. It can lift both construction materials and passengers. It bases on its mast fixed in the ground and attached to the wall, which ensure its safety.
1. Personnel and materials construction building lifting equipment, construction material handling hoist of common models: 
CharacteristicModelRated LoadingLifting SpeedMotor Power
Double cabin
SC200/200 2×2000kg33m/min2×(3×11kw)
SC150/150 2×1500kg33m/min2×(2×15kw)
SC100/100 2×1000kg33m/min2×(2×11kw)
Single cabin
SC200    2000kg33m/min3×11kw
SC150    1500kg33m/min2×15kw
SC100    1000kg33m/min2×11kw
2. Personnel and materials construction building lifting equipment, construction material handling hoist with Interver:
CharacteristicsModelRated LoadingLifting SpeedMotor Power
Double Cabin
SC200/200D 2×2000kg0-33m/min2×(3×11kw)
SC100/100D 2×1000kg0-33m/min2×(2×11kw)
SC200/200Z 2×2000kg0-55m/min2×(2×11kw)
SC100/100Z 2×1000kg0-55m/min2×(2×11kw)
SC200D    2000kg0-33m/min3×11kw
SC100D    1000kg0-33m/min2×11kw
SC200Z    2000kg0-55m/min2×11kw
SC100Z    1000kg0-55m/min2×11kw
Salient Features of building hoist:
1. Mast section welded by welding Robot ensures reliable quality and elegant appearance.
2. All the steel structures are processed with blasting technology to remove rust. The adhesion of surface painting is outstanding.
3. Suspension cage guarding board adopts figured aluminum plate and numerical control punched aluminum plate. The suspension cage is lightweight and artistic in appearance.
4. Transmission mechanism supplied by the professional manufacturer has high efficiency, long service life and stability in performance.
5. Complete set of overload protection devices, variety of limiters and mechanical chain devices ensure its reliability.  Anti-falling safety device, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage, preventing and eliminating accidents.
6. Frequency conversional construction elevator is safe, stable and comfortable. Starting electricity is smaller than working electricity, energy-saving and high efficient.
A: Cage Details for building hoist.
1.The cage is boarded up by all punched aluminum sheet ,Sidewall of Wire Mesh for cage is also available. The size can be arranged to your requirement.
 ( Optional Size:3x1.5x2.1m, 3x1.3x2.1m, 3.2x1.5x2.1m, 3.2x1.3x2.1m, 3x1.5x2.4m, 3x1.3x2.4m, 3.2x1.5x2.4m, 3.2x1.3x2.4m)
2. Main structure of cage is made of high-quality steel after bending.(The bent steel is firm, good vertically, stability. Moreover it ensure stable of the whole structure.)
 B:  Mast section of building hosit
 The high quality seamlesssteel pipe is good vertically, anti-pressure, anti-aging, thickness and so on), it offer a well rail for cage climbs on.
1. HF high quality tube&pipe Q345B good vertical.
2. Steel plate Q235B with high quality from Baosteel Group, steel plates are bent of U shape to stren-gthen the mast section
3. Mast section with galvanized coat or heat spray coat can be chosen
4. Steel round bar Q235B with high quality and strengthen the mast section
Other model of mast section can choose:
650*650*1508mm,450*450*1508mm, 650*900*1508mm,800*800*1508mm
Materials about Rack gear of building hoist:
1.Model: 40*60*1508mm, or 40*60*1483mm or OEM according to drawing or sample
2.Materials: CL60 special rail steel,60# high quality carbon steel(common use)
or other type C55,C50,C45 according to your requirement.
1. Equiping with Anti-falling govenor 
2. Electrical an Mechanical interlock: Door safety switches, Slack rope switch
3. Safety hook
4. Upper and bottom limit swithes, trap door limit switch
5. Overload protector
6. Bottom Buffer
7. Level Calling system and auto leveling device to be choose.
Spare Parts
Our Company Support different spare parts for construction hoist and keep high quality. Each construction hoist will bring free spare parts for urgent use at construction site.
Advantages for example: The gear, back wheel, the roller are 20CrMnTimaterial, excellent wear resistance. Especiallythe deep processing of the gear surface, it makes the planeness and accuracy higher. The gear service life can be increased by 30%-50%, and substantially be reduced maintenance rates, noise andvibration.
Different driven system of building hoist
High efficient&energy saving models: 
1. 2000kg load per cage can choose motor: 3x8.5kw, 2x11kw, 2x13kw with energy saving characters.  3x11kw with common character.  (With gearbox more than 90% energy usage rate) low speed type
2. 1000kg load per cage can choose motor: 2x8.5kw, 2x11kw with gearbox more than 90% energy usage rate.) 
low speed type
3. 1500kg load per cage can choose motor: 2x13kw, 2x15kw with gearbox or worm reducers. Low speed type
4. 2000kg load with mid-speed: 3x15kw,2x23kw and 2x26kw with high efficient gearbox.
Safety Devices
We have the following safety devices to protect the safety of the Rack and pinion construction hoist . Safety and life is the most important principle in our company.
1. A Master switch On the operation board: When the button closed, unexpected action to other buttons can not let cabin working.
2. Anti-falling safety device (with Centrifugal breaking system ): When all other protection device losing action, it can brake the cabin from falling.    
3. Mechanical inter-locking door: when the cabin running it can  close by itself from protecting people from dropping.   
4.Overload calling device              
5. upper and lower travel limit: They can limit the cabin  go over the top mast.    
6.The top mast section have no rack in order to limit the cabin overrunning and dropping . 
7. Manual button: You can operate the botton to let the cabin go down when interruption of power supply 
Emergency switch: When the cabin losing control and over-runing, you can operate the button.
 Equiped with the most optimal fall arrestor, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage and
prevents falling accidents, makes the device absolutely reliable.
 Details as following:
 1. Safety Governor 2. Top and Bottom limit switch 3. 3 phase switch 4. Buffer spring 5. Mechanical lock 6. Reducing device 7.Brake pieces 8. Overload protector
9.Leakage protection switch  10. Guard rail 11. Emergency button 12. Terminal and final stopping switches  13. Level calling system and auto leveling device 14. Ramp door
15. Enclosure limit 
Our Service
Quality Assurance: 
 Good quality is assured by advanced manufacturing technology . And all products will be checked by 
 our quality-control manager. 
 Excellent Package: 
 We provide standard ,strong,protective package for our products to prevent it from outer damage. 
 Warranty Assurance: 
 For our construction hoist, we provide 1 year warranty period and quick replace service
 Quickly response: 
 Detailed information ,specific model and price of products will be provided quickly after receiving your i  nquiry.
Packaging & Shipping
High quality product is the most important matter, but we can not ignore the importance of package. Well package can protect the product from crash, rust ,mess and so on. It is easy for our clients to identify different spare parts, easy loading and unloading. We pay much more attention to the details...
The product can be customized according to customers'requirements (drawing, specifications and so on).
 We are professional construction hoist manufacturer.We pay our all attention to the elevators' design manufacture,maintenance and after-sales service.

You can get high quality products and professional service from us.
Any question from you is welcome and will get reply within 24 hours.
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