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    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:33:19

    Several see-through noise reduction panels have been taken down along a section of the Route 201 flyover in Johnson City.

    The noise barriers were removed by crews last week over Boland Drive were removed by workers last week.

    According to the state Department of Transportation, loo

  • Off-wind Sails For Cats | Cruising World

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:33:07

    With the right inventory on board, these sails add serious performance to the multihull cruising experience.

    The first time I experienced a fully lit-up, high-performance cruising catamaran was in Hawaii’s Molokai Channel aboard a Gunboat 66. The crew and owners knew how to live. The f

  • Block Division captures niche market with pulleys

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:33:04

    If Block Division Inc. isn’t the best kept secret in Wichita Falls, it has to be close.

    Block Division is a third generation, locally owned company. It sells more than 450,000 state-of-the-art pulley parts and accessories nationwide and to numerous countries abroad. Want more?


  • Supersized Van De Graaff Generator Packs A Punch | Hackaday

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:33:03

    The Van de Graaff generator is a staple of science museums, to the point that even if the average person might not know its name, there’s an excellent chance they’ll be familiar with the “metal ball that makes your hair stand up” description. That’s partly because

  • Allen Wave Ratchet – more grip, less slip! - Mysailing

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:32:57

    The wave ratchet range offers between 20 to 40%* more grip. Pic - Allen

    Looking for more grip from your ratchet block but don’t want to shred your ropes with an overly aggressive sheave? Then look no further.

    Introducing the wave ratchet block range from performance hardw

  • Crowned Pulley | Hackaday

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:32:51

    [Angus] at Maker’s Muse recently created a new and tiny antweight combat robot (video, embedded below) and it has some wonderfully clever design elements we’d like to highlight. In particular: how to keep a tracked robot’s wheel belt where it belongs, and prevent it from slip

  • 2023 NTT INDYCAR SERIES Season Goes Sustainable

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:32:45

    Bridgestone Americas has announced major strides have been made during the off-season to incorporate more sustainable and bio-circular materials into the 2023 NTT INDYCAR SERIES season, highlighting the advancement of three key initiatives that will make the upcoming season the most sustainab

  • First BMW iX5 Hydrogen hit the road - electrive.com

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:32:44

    BMW launched a demonstration fleet of hydrogen cars. After four years of development, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicle and development project is thus entering its next phase.

    After BMW began small-scale production of the iX5 Hydrogen SUV at the Munich Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) p

  • The Time-Attacking Suzuki Jimnys - Speedhunters

    by admin on 2023-02-28 14:32:43

    The moment I saw a train of Suzuki Jimnys blasting through Tsukuba Circuit’s turns during the recent 10th anniversary Attack meet, I knew I had to put a separate post together on the curious track-spec kei-class off-roaders.

    This was by far the biggest surprise at the event for me

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